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About Us - Commitment Card

The Commitment Card isn’t just an identity card. It’s the card that retailers and charities across the country can use to help ensure that their staff are honest, trustworthy and reliable. Why not find out how you can benefit from the unique security The Commitment Card offers?

Our values

A commitment to...
creating a Team with proven integrity

The Commitment Card might look small – but it says a lot about your organisation. It’s a sign that you have a team with a track record of honest endeavour, these are the ones who have your best interests at heart. Your customers will also recognise that they are dealing with verified staff and volunteers.

A commitment to...
supporting the retailing and volunteering community

We work together with employers, staff and volunteers to create positive and rewarding working environments. The Commitment Card means that all concerned can work together safe in the knowledge that they are part of teams with the highest possible levels of integrity.



How it works

How it works
What is The Commitment Card?

The Commitment Card is in some ways similar to a normal identity card. It helps you to identify a member of staff by showing some details of the cardholder as well as a photograph. But there is one key difference which marks The Commitment Card apart from any other: it’s only issued to verified staff.

The benefits to organisations

A commitment to...
the efficiency of your organisation

Identity badges are now a part of every day life for many people. Not only do they confirm the identity of the wearer, but they allow them access to their office, IT system and even car parks. By having every member of staff and volunteer wearing the card it not only communicates a professional image but it also means that your team is trustworthy and honest, thereby improving both the image and the efficiency of your organisation.



Applying for a Commitment Card couldn’t be simpler. Staff and volunteers complete an easy to follow on line form, including full name and date of birth. If our system identifies a potential issue we will contact you to discuss the application.

The result? A more efficient and cost effective recruitment process with improved employee morale.

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